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If there is something that people normally overlook when remodeling the spaces in their home, it is a door profile. Today, the open concept is at the forefront of decoration, which has minimized the number of doors found in homes. However, they still exist! Why not take advantage of them and make them an important part or even the protagonists of the spaces? If you like the idea, at Emuca we tell you what the trending door profiles are for 2022.
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Trends in decoration for this 2022: door profile

The days of boring and basic doors are over. Currently these elements have become decorative and even the center of attention. In this way, profiles for doors are a structural resource of great importance in rooms. However, to determine what type of profiles are best for each space, the first thing to know is what the trends in interior decoration are for this year.

Natural style

In 2022, much more importance is given to living elements and to the union with nature, which is why organic and natural materials are increasingly relevant in the remodeling of homes. In addition to this, one of the trends for this year is the use of dark woods. Off-white and pale finishes have been left behind, giving way to darker tones that bring elegance, luxury and glamour. Especially if they are combined with other materials, such as glass or metal. Thus, profiles for aluminum doors that imitate wood are a wise choice. Although what is recommended to bring the natural style to the home is the use of genuine wood, it is known that this is very expensive. So by using aluminum that resembles the finish of wood, you can have the best of both worlds. Our recommendation is to use profiles for wooden doors on doors facing the outside. In addition, if these are window type, they will provide a sense of tranquility and spaciousness that will surely be well received.

Industrial style

Although metallic tones such as bronze have always been present, more and more industrial-style colors have been incorporated, such as black steel, brass, polished nickel and silver. Therefore, in keeping with the industrial style, aluminum door profiles with dark and matte finishes are one of the trends for 2022. These can be combined with the other elements of the room, such as the legs of the tables or the lamps to give a uniform finish to the decoration. The best thing is that they are thin and not very flashy, so that they provide a modern, minimalist and elegant look.

Nordic style

The Nordic style goes with the minimalist trend that has been present in interior decoration for several years. This is characterized by white walls that emphasize light and neutral color palettes. So, if you want to remodel your home in this style, aluminum door profiles painted in light colors are an excellent choice. In addition to being a trend, they are colors that never go out of style, so they will remain in force for many years. In addition to being very easy to combine with the rest of the elements in the room, these types of tones, as they are not so heavy, do not generate visual noise. On the contrary, they bring calm and comfort.


As its name says, the color block trend refers to blocks of colors that are used to define a space or be the focal point of a room, creating a very strong visual contrast. It is perfect for youth stays or recreational areas. Another trend that can be combined with the color block is that of 90% white 10% color, which is characterized by making a decoration based on white but complementing it with invigorating colors, giving a bold and fresh look. The profiles for doors that go with this trend are aluminum with two-tone finishes. The advantage of these is that they can separate two environments and go according to the decoration of each one. Also, by being able to paint them in different colors you can make the door a focal point in the room.

Which of all the trends in door profile do you prefer?

Now that you have seen all the door profile that are trending this 2022, which one do you choose? Stop overlooking the door when remodeling your home, beyond a utilitarian element, it becomes an important part of the decoration. Regardless of which style you choose, at Emuca you will always have profiles of the best quality, since it is not only enough that they are aesthetic, but also durable!

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