When it comes to furniture screws, the variety of models and types is impressive. To the point of being confused which ones are functional for each specific application. Because the characteristics that they can present are useful for certain situations or even aesthetic finishes. That is why the correct choice of screws is essential to install drawers, accessories, hinges or even assemble a piece of furniture from scratch. On the other hand, there are screws that are not as useful for furniture and although you can use them, there are better options. Given this situation, here we will talk about the most functional furniture screws. And how you should choose them according to their application.
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Types of furniture screws: the most functional

Among all the variety of models, there are some that stand out in their design for use in furniture, obtaining better finishes, these are the following:

Euro screws

The type of Euro screw is the one indicated for fixing hinges, sliding door fittings and drawer guides directly to furniture. It consists of a flat tip so it is necessary to previously open holes in the wooden boards to fix it. The design of the head can vary depending on the model, so if it is a flat head it will be inserted completely into the wood or directly into the piece. But if its shape is domed, it will have more clamping force, since the surface of the head will exert grip on the piece, it will not be completely inserted.

Self tapping screws

Self-tapping or lag screws are very common in the assembly of furniture and installation of metal parts on wooden surfaces, since they do not require prior drilling to be installed. This feature makes them an excellent choice when looking for hinge screws or drawer runners, because they allow for greater precision when installing. There are many models of this type with different characteristics. In the event that you need to tighten a piece with great force, the Allen head screws allow a better grip on the tool and greater force can be applied to them without it slipping as it could happen with the cross screws. On the other hand, to install cup hinges, drop head screws are an ideal option for a correct and safe installation.

Pozidrive Head Screws

If you have ventured into DIY, you have surely seen that there are screws that, although they have a cross head, have slight differences and screwdrivers do not tend to fit well. This happens because there are two variants, the Philips and the Pozidrive. The latter is newer and was designed to improve grip and prevent the screwdriver from slipping, wearing down and damaging the screw. To differentiate it, you will notice that the Pozidrive has a hole in the middle of the cross and also has four smaller lines at 45°, which share the same center. The advantage of these Pozidrive screws is that they allow more force to be applied to the cross. This results in self-tapping a better installation in materials that are more rigid. They are perfect, for example, for installing cup hinges with aluminum profiles, as is the case with this Pozidrive Head Screw for hinges.

Grub screws

This type of screw is characterized by not having a head and being completely embedded in the wood or surface until it reaches the piece that needs to be secured. This gives you the benefit of less exposure so it will take much longer to corrode, unlike cap screws. However, the use of grub screws is not the same as the traditional ones, since these are used to fasten and lock parts, such as hook bolts that need these screws to fix and hold two pieces of furniture together. Another advantage of this type for furniture is that thanks to its design, in the area where it is activated with the screwdriver, Allen key or other mechanism. It supports greater force, since this area is surrounded by the same one that is screwed.

How to choose furniture screws

Hinges on furniture are pieces that are constantly working and that is why they need resistant screws that provide an excellent grip, and that can keep them fixed. But also that they do not get in the way is their free and complete action. Like the special hinges, which due to their characteristic designs must use screws, taking into account several elements. The essential aspect is in the head of the screw, because this can obstruct the complete closure or the operation of the hinge mechanism. To choose correctly it is necessary to know the diameter of the hinge holes and if you need the screw to be a flat head. In addition, it is very important to take into account the material of the screw and its resistance to corrosion. Thus, it is advisable to acquire that those that have a zinc or chrome bath or are directly made of stainless steel. Fortunately, at Emuca we offer you guides and descriptions of the products. With us, you will find directly which screws you should use or the measurements so that you can choose the right one. Afortunadamente en Emuca te ofrecemos guías y descripciones de los productos, donde encontrarás directamente que tornillos debes utilizar o las medidas para que puedas escoger el indicado.

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